Turrón is Here for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and has arrived at our home with all of the desired sweets and delicacies in varied options for Turron! In Spain this is a special time and everyone is looking forward to it. Supermarkets, gourmet stores and bakeries display a huge variety of turrones and other holiday specialties.There is no holiday without turron at the table and everyone buys a bit of this and that to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones.

If you haven’t heard about them or tasted them yet, these wonderful sweet bars are made mainly of Marcona almonds, but also of chocolate, toasted egg yolk, honey, cinnamon and caramel. There are two essential kinds of turrón: the “hard” one (turrón Alicante) with whole almonds, and the “soft” kind (turrón Jijona) usually manufactured with Marcona almond paste. Both are delicious and very different, they are served as dessert.

In addition to these two main varieties of turron you will find other sweet bites that also occupy a fixed spot at every Spanish Christmas dinner: crunchy chocolate turron, marzipan figures, stuffed almonds, cinnamon crumble cookies or sugar coated pine nuts. And, of course, we source the best quality brands to import into the USA.

Shop for them at our online shop, give them a try if you haven’t done it yet and tell us how you like them.

We wish you a sweet Christmas and Holiday Season!

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