Fermín Chorizo Ibérico Pre-Sliced


Embutidos Fermín

Sliced Dry-cured Iberico Chorizo. Fermín’s dry-cured iberico chorizo combines smoky paprika and iberico pork that is allowed to cure in the pure mountain air for weeks. The elegant flavor, with more subdued spiciness and hints of smokiness, makes this a great choice for pairing with a cava or Manzanilla sherry.

Iberico chorizo is made from a special breed of pig that is indigenous to Spain. It’s the wonderfully marbled and flavored fat that makes all the difference from the iberico chorizo to the ordinary chorizo. The first thing you’ll notice visually is the deeper color. You’ll immediately be able to taste the difference too – this chorizo is much richer, smoother, and more intensely flavored.

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