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If you’re the sort of person who scoops up a double cone on National Ice Cream Day or wakes up eager on March 20th to nosh on stuffed pasta for National Ravioli Day, then you’re in luck. We have a mouthwatering recipe and a Spanish holiday to go along with it. Día de Cantabria (Day of Cantabria) celebrates people, culture, food, and traditions from the Spanish region of Cantabria. At Despaña, our favorite way to celebrate is with meticulously curated ingredients and recipes. And so we celebrate by featuring one of our favorite Cantabrian manufacturers and a recipe that uses their gourmet tuna.

Don Bocarte is a seafood company in Cantabria, and all of Don Bocarte seafood products are sourced from the surrounding area. Their gourmet preserved seafood is world-renowned, and we carry a variety of their products. In this post we’ve used canned Bonito del Norte, or white-meat tuna. Bonito tuna is some of the best fish you can find. Aficionados enjoy the white meat, high oil content, and luscious, silky texture of Bonito. After Don Bocarte seafood is harvested, it is cooked and every product is hand packed in olive oil.


Hand packing Don Bocarte anchovies.


Lonja de Pescado: Fishing port of Santoña, Cantabria.

To use the bonito tuna, we’ve whipped up a delicious Spanish-style Panzanella salad that really lets the tuna and other ingredients shine. Mound the tuna on the side of your salad and savor a forkful every couple bites, or shred it into the salad and toss.


Spanish-Style Panzanella

Serves: 2
Prep Time: 15 minutes


In a large bowl, toss bread, tomatoes, piquillo strips, red onion, chickpeas, capers, sherry vinegar, and olive oil. Next, shred the bonito loins and add to the salad, or simply serve on the side to savor a forkful with every few bites. Season with a salt and pepper to taste. Serve with torn basil leaves and enjoy! Best eaten immediately.
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