Despaña Chorizo, Spanish Heart made with American Hands

In 1989 Marcos Intriago and partner Jose Pernas bought a small factory on Northern Boulevard that had been producing chorizo since 1971. They knew this product had a great potential for growth and within their first year they more than doubled their sales.

Although today we carry a range of more than 400 different line items, our Despaña Brand Chorizo continues to open many doors for us because it is so unique. It is this product that gave us our prestige in our humble beginnings and is what continues to give us notoriety in the industry. We are proud to say that the best restaurants and most recognized chefs in the nation choose to use our Despaña Brand Chorizo in their recipes. Our chorizo was gone a long way and on its furthest trip it was taken to outer space by astronaut Pedro Duque on one of his missions.

We have a USDA Inspector visit our plant every day to look over our production and assure that our products are totally safe to be distributed and sold all over the USA. In our 45 years in business our factory has never had a recall. This is something that is easier to be said than done. We are committed to continue making high quality products and servicing the best we have to offer to our foodservice and retail customers.

Remember that our chorizo and morcilla are fully cooked pork products. All you have to do to enjoy them is warm them up. Learn more about our Traditional Chorizo and easy to cook recipes at

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