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Horchata de chufa Original/ Original Tigernut D...

Dairy free. 1 liter.

Alhambra Negra


Sparkling Water/ Agua Mineral con Gas

8 ounces

Kas Limón/ Kas Lemon-Flavored Soda




1906 Special Reserve


Natural Water from Asturias/ Agua natural de As...


Kas Naranja/ Kas Orange-Flavored Soda

330 ml

Horchata de chufa Original/ Original Tigernut D...

Dairy free. 200ml

Mineral Water from Asturias/ Agua mineral de As...

500 ml

Kas Manzana/ Apple-Flavored Soda

330 ml

Estrella Damm

6-pack of Spain's oldest brand of beer

Mineral Water from Asturias/ Agua mineral de As...



6-pack of Spain's most popular beer

Sparkling Water from Asturias/ Agua mineral con...


Sparkling Water from Asturias/ Agua mineral con...

500 ml

Estrella Galicia

6-pack of the famous beer from La Coruña

Horchata de chufa Maestro Horchatero/ Maestro H...

Dairy free. 1 liter

Sparkling Water/ Agua mineral con gas



6-pack of the classic Andalucian beer

Horchata is a wonderful healthy summer drink form Valencia. It is made with tiger nuts called Chufas and it has a very particular earthy flavor. You can also ask for our imported mineral waters from Soria and Asturias and the different flavors of KAS sodas and imported beers.

It took us several weeks to find a coffee purveyor that provided the European blend of flavors we so much craved for. The coffee served at Despaña has that special strong flavor and delicious aroma. Here are our Spanish style versions which you will find in the category to the right appropriately named “Delights”.

Yelp Reviews

Make sure to try the small tapas, the sample of cheeses and take home a loaf of bread for making sandwiches for a picnic at the park. You won't regret it.

Heru M. 10/18/2013 Read more

Our best find this year. A low key lovely dining room to wile away the hours nibbling at delicacies of Iberia. With Spanish beers in the cooler and a whole wine store next door, you can complement your croquetas with uncommon cervezas and vinos.

Luke C. 12/7/2013 Read more

Despana is an awesome place to grab a quick lunch. The sandwiches and tapas were full of taste and are perfection! As my coworker pointed out...this place was made for Soho (Soho chic!).

Lana T. 3/27/2013 Read more

There were little nibble samples of olive oil, olives, and bread, and staff working both counters were incredibly friendly. We sampled some of their fresh gazpacho, which had a wonderfully creamy texture, and was unique among gazpachos I've had. Highly recommend.

Evan G. 9/17/2012 Read more

Their counter o' pork has some real treats: the morcilla (blood sausage) and lomo embuchado (cured pork loin) are among the best I've had in NYC,...and they slice their Iberico by hand.

Seth G. 1/13/2012 Read more

Truly amazing! Feels & taste like your back in Spain.

Danny A. 1/29/2012 Read more

Everything here is delicious, made properly and is such high quality. I absolutely love that I can pop in here for a snack anytime. Their gazpacho is summer is like other-worldly-seriously awesome.

Jerry B. 1/20/2012 Read more

Their selection of canned and jarred seafood is incomparable in the city - high-quality brands that are above and beyond what you'll find elsewhere, and at very reasonable prices for said quality.

Seth G. 1/13/2012 Read more

Really, really good creamy cheeses, manchego and packaged breadsticks. The chorizo on sample was pretty delicious. They sure are very generous with the samples! Most high quality imported packaged food from Spain you can seem to find here. Haven't tried one of their made sandwiches yet but will!

Alexandra C. 10/6/2013 Read more

I've had the Pescador (good) and Picante (excellent) bocodillos and the navarrico pintxos. So delicious and prices are very fair. There isn't much room to sit and you will most likely end up sharing a part of the table with others but it's worth it!

Lily W. 11/2/2013 Read more

I'm a huge fan of Despana. Last year I ordered 15 ($200) holiday gift baskets from here. Lee was incredibly helpful and recommended great wine, sweets, and cured meats/cheese. The gift baskets were a huge success!

S L. 10/16/2013 Read more

The Despana sandwich is one of the best things ever. When I'm in the city, it’s a non-negotiable.

Dan B. 7/2/2013 Read more

ADORE this place...makes me feel like I'm really back in Spain,...It's perfect for a casual lunch or dinner and all the delicious looking goodies will inspire your next dinner or cocktail party. I would bring a buddy so you can share one of every item in that wonderful tapas display.

Nikki L. 6/8/2011 Read more

In the back is a tapas cafe with some seating and cookbooks sold. Some of the tapas are already prepared and displayed, and range from $5 and up. It looks like a good place to try a wider variety of small dishes. They also sell Spanish flan.

8/13/2013 8/13/2013 Read more

The serrano ham (aged 15 months) melts in your mouth. Cured to perfection and excellent in a bocadillo. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Manchego Joven cheese. Light and mild, just the way I like it. Throw in a handful of Marcona almonds and a glass of Tempranillo and I am in paradiso.

Vivian H. 3/15/2011 Read more

I try something new most every time I go, but my stand out favorite is the El Quijote, a pork and manchengo cheese sandwich with some sort of quince spread that nails the savory/sweet flavor profile.

Maddie O. 6/16/2011 Read more

Great place to grab a quick bite or put together a meal for later at home. One of NYC's newest treasures, there's no other store quite like them.

Seth G. 1/13/2012 Read more


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