Invisible Immigrants


by James D. Fernández and Luis Argeo

In addition to being beautifully curated, Invisible Immigrants is a milestone in the field of Spanish immigration studies in the United States. Based on painstaking, rigorous research, yet accessible to a broad audience, the book will prove seminal for years to come.  It’s a must-have for both public and academic libraries.” –Sebastiaan Faber, Oberlin College

“Invisible Immigrants is a beautiful haunting historical photo album of the Spanish in America.” –Francis Lam, New York Times Magazine, 17 June 2015

Invisible Immigrants (Spaniards in the US, 1868-1945) is a crucial project in Spanish- American cultural history. The book is both rigorously-researched and visually compelling. Individual and family stories are presented to articulate the invisible collective memory of the many Spaniards who migrated to the US.

James D. Fernández and Luis Argeo take us on a journey to a past that challenges traditional expectations. They capture countless personal stories that were about to vanish. Moreover, the multiple stories included in the book unfold national narratives and conflicts (i.e. the Spanish civil War) in an international context. Nonetheless, perhaps the most valuable contribution of the project is its deeply humanistic motivation. It communicates indeed a passionate defense of the human experience behind all migrations.

Cultural critics, historians, hispanists, migration experts and the general public alike will find Invisible Immigrants meaningful.” –Raquel Anido, Clemson University

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