Flavors that will transport you to the Spanish coast

When Summer time arrives in the city we like to celebrate it by preparing delicious Spanish paellas at our tapas café in SoHo. We cook two big paellas on the scheduled Saturdays and we welcome everyone who wants to try this wonderful and very typical Spanish dish to be served at 1pm. This special event is done in an informal setting and plates of paella can be enjoyed at our communal tables. Space is limited.

Some of the varieties prepared by our chef are the classical Paella Valenciana, one of the most famous styles of paella with vegetables, seafood and meat; Vegetable Paella, a great choice for green lovers and vegetarians; Seafood Paella and Black Squid Paella, a mouthful of sea that will transport you to beach coastlines; and Fideuá, a particular pasta paella that is also typical from Valencia and Cataluña.

Tickets are $15 for a serving of paella or for $18 we include a refreshing bottle of Mahou beer as a pairing. Do come in early to purchase your ticket, this is a first come, first served event. Once we run out, that’s it until the next scheduled Saturday.

In addition to the above offerings, we sell wine and sangria by the glass and craft beers in our café. Another big plus is that you can purchase a bottle of wine at our sister store Despaña Vinos y Más to enjoy at the café. When it’s from Despaña there’s no corkage fee. Please remember that we are not a restaurant operation. Our Paella Saturdays are meant to be informal, and fun gatherings to enjoy delicious flavors of Spain among friends in our communal table seating area.

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