Vegetable Preserves


Vegetable Preserves from Spain

Spain has been the master for years at preserving delicious, healthy meals in jars and cans. If you’re not sure what to prepare for dinner, any of our selections is bound to impress and satisfy. Each farmer in Navarra takes pride in the labor-intensive job of harvesting white asparagus at just the right time. In this category, you will find several sizes of white asparagus (some are thicker than others). Most have denomination of origin seals, guaranteeing a high quality product. You will also find other gourmet treats made from these white asparagus such as cream soups, asparagus tips, and spreadable mousses.

Rosara specializes in making artisan quality prepared dishes from the best vegetable and fish ingredients found in Navarra and along the northern coast of Spain. The secret to their success is creating everything from the best raw materials and working from scratch to create delicious products. If you lead a hectic lifestyle and don't have too much time every day of the week to dedicate to cooking, take a look at what Rosara has to offer.

You may notice Piquillos, deliciously sweet peppers from Navarra, on many menus today. They are very versatile and easy to prepare and serve. Their wonderful aroma, bright red color and shape make them very unique. You can stuff whole Piquillos with practically anything: meat, fish, or rice. For your convenience, we also offer Piquillo peppers that have already been stuffed from the brands Bajamar and Rosara. The strips of Piquillo are the perfect finishing touch for decorating a paella or as an accompaniment to a grilled meat dish.

We are also very proud to carry a full line of Ríoverde products, who have been offering some of the highest quality vegetables from La Rioja in beautiful glass jar presentations. The bittersweet onions are one of our best-selling products.

Vegetable Preserves in Despaña Tapas Café

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Pintxo: Morcilla sausage, Piquillo pepper strips and ali oli


Pintxo: Chistorra sausage, Roncal cheese and Piquillo pepper strips


Bocadillo: "Chistorra" Despaña brand (thin slightly spicy sausage), slices of roncal (sheep's mi...


Bocadillo: Loins of bonito (white meat tuna), slices of fresh tomatoes and strips of sweet piquil...


Bocadillo: Soft mixed spread of piquillo peppers and bonito (white meat tuna) and topped with boq...

Piquillo Rebozado

Pintxo: Piquillo pepper stuffed with cod and bechamel


Bocadillo: Imported white asparagus, mixed greens, Piquillo peppers, fresh tomatoes, sliced olive...


Cold Soup with tomato, onions and cucumber (Seasonal). Choose Small or Large.

Tosta Cebolla

Pintxo: Carmelized onions and goat cheese


Flauta: Chestnuts cream, salchichon sausage, cream goat cheese and Piquillo peppers

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