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Spanish Cured and Preserved Seafood

Boquerones, marinated white anchovies, are preserved in oil and vinegar. In the last few years they have become very popular in the New York culinary world. Our boquerones from Don Bocarte have a sturdy texture, making them easy to incorporate into certain dishes. They also have a mild taste that is pleasing to most palates, especially those that are a bit weary of strong fishy flavors. We recommend that you drain the olive oil the boquerones come packed in and then add a fresh batch of olive oil before consuming them. Boquerones will last for a long time in the refrigerator as long as they remain immersed in olive oil.

We are also proud to offer the most authentic Salt Cured Bacalao from the Basque company Giraldo, who has been at the forefront of maintaining the highest quality standards and innovations when bringing this prized product to market. Giraldo Bacalao is ready to use with no need to pre-soak to desalt.

Our most highly acclaimed item at the moment is the ventresca of bonito. Bonito is one of the most prized fish and most commercialized products from the Basque Country. The fishermen are experts in working with and preserving this tasty and tender product. Our Olasagasti brand ventresca of bonito products are bound to tantalize the palate.

Most of our dry-cured seafood specialties are imported from Cartagena, Spain. We bring in certain varieties on a seasonal basis. Mojama is a dry cured tuna loin. It is usually sliced very thinly and served with Marcona almonds. It can also be shaved over pasta. Several of the chefs we service in New York have used mojama in very creative ways. It does have a distinctive salty and fishy flavor, so be prepared for this when you try it.

Seafood Preserves in Despaña Tapas Café

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Bocadillo: Loins of bonito (white meat tuna), slices of fresh tomatoes and strips of sw...

Bacalao Croquette

Pintxo: Salted cod and bechamel cream


Bocadillo: Soft mixed spread of piquillo peppers and bonito (white meat tuna) and toppe...


Pintxo: Salted Cod, potato and cheese

Piquillo Rebozado

Pintxo: Piquillo pepper stuffed with cod and bechamel


Tapa: White anchovies marinated with garlic and parsley

Spicy Sardine

Pintxo: Sardine in a rich tomato sauce, slightly spicy

Boquerones Salad

Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, bonito tuna and peppers spread. Topped with marinated white ...

Mussels Escabeche

Tapa: Mussels from Galicia in vinaigrette sauce


Pintxo: Marinated white anchovies and slices of tomato

Octopus & Olive Oil

Tapa: Octopus from Galicia with olive oil and paprika De La Vera

Tosta Pulpo

Pintxo: Octopus, alioli and tomato sauce

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