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Sauces & Condiments from Spain

"Mojos Canarios" are sauces with green or red bell peppers as the base ingredient. They are traditional sauces of the Canary Islands used for cooking potato (patatas arrugadas) and meat or fish dishes. We also enjoy these as a spread on bread or sandwiches. We also offer alioli (garlic-olive oil spread), sofrito and other tomato-based sauces for all of your cooking needs.

Saffron has an exquisite aroma with a distinct color. Each saffron flower has three stigmas. During every harvest, each of these stigmas is plucked from the flower and packed to be sold as saffron threads. You can tell saffron filaments are high quality when the threads are mostly red. Minimal traces of yellow should be seen on the stigma. Remember: saffron is not intended to be used to add color to your rice or broth dishes, but rather, it is meant to add aroma. Our purveyors in Spain are reputable and what you are purchasing is real saffron at current market prices.

Sweet and hot Paprika from Murcia are wonderful to add taste and color to your dishes. Our high quality pimentón from Murcia has a bright red color that does not die out quickly. Sweet, hot and agridulce Pimentón de La Vera add a lot of flavor to your dishes and is a kitchen essential when making paella at home. All of the pimentón de la Vera is smoked.

At Despaña, you will also find the essential ingredients, such as pimientos choriceros, ñoras, dry hot guindilla peppers, and piparras (Basque green peppers in brine), to make the excellent sauce recipes found in culinary books from Spain.

Our Mediterranean Sea Salt comes from Valencia. All of our varieties of salt give a unique taste to your food. Generally, the salt is used as a finishing touch to your dish. You will find everything from super fine pastry salt to extra coarse rock gourmet sea salt. We also carry a range of all-natural flor de sal with seaweed, smoked paprika, marcona almonds and white truffles.

Sauces & Condiments in Despaña Tapas Café

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Octopus & Olive Oil

Tapa: Octopus from Galicia with olive oil and paprika De La Vera


Bocadillo: "Chorizo picante" Despaña brand, long slice of mahon (cow's milk) cheese, piparras (b...

Morcilla & Tomate Sauce

Tapa: Black sausage cooked in rich tomato sauce


Flauta: Green pepper mojo spread and Majorero goat's milk cheese

Spicy Sardine

Pintxo: Sardine in a rich tomato sauce, slightly spicy


Bocadillo: Soft mixed spread of piquillo peppers and bonito (white meat tuna) and topped with boq...

Patatas Riojanas

Tapa: Potatoes with chorizo and smoked Pimenton De La Vera

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