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Rice & Legumes from Spain

If you long for the authentic taste of Spain to make a traditional Paella, Fabada, Caldo Gallego, stew or broth, try our variety of imported dry beans and rice.

The short grain rice we import is from Valencia. This rice has a great capacity for absorption. It will remain firm, absorb all of the flavors of your broth and is the only rice we recommend to cook paella. Our higher quality Bomba rice absorbs the most liquid and flavor and does not overcook as quickly as the regular quality Valencian Rice.

The brand we import is Arroz Cebolla (no, it does not contain onions- It was named after Mr. Cebolla, the founder of this company in Sollana, Valencia). 

The key to making a tasty paella is preparing a great flavorful broth. We recommend that you portion 100 grams of Valencia rice per person. A kilo is appropriate for 10 servings.

Within this category you will also find easy to prepare and versatile ready to make Paellas by Marinesca. We like these paellas so much because they allow you to be creative. It is a primer for those that don't want to cook a paella dish totally from scratch.

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