Fruit Preserves & Honey


Spanish Fruit Preserves & Honey

Membrillo (Quince) is a fruit that can be described as a cross between an apple and a pear. It is the perfect sweet selection to serve with cheese.

Our Membrillos are imported from Andalucia. They have a fruity and naturally sweet taste. We offer different varieties, so you can try them all and choose your favorite. Some may be sweeter, darker and softer in texture than others, but all pair excellently with any of our cheeses.

The honeys in this category are all natural, without any type of preservatives or additives.  

Fruit Preserves & Honey in Despaña Tapas Café

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Chorizo Con Castañas

Tapa: Despaña Chorizo with chestnuts

Ei Quijote

Bocadillo: Slices of "lomo embuchado" (dry cured pork loin), manchego (sheep's milk) cheese, a li...


Bocadillo: "Sobrasada" (chorizo spread) drizzled with honey from El Bierzo (warm pressed)


Pintxo: Dry cured pork loin, Manchego cheese, a light spread of sweet quince cream and drizzels o...

Fruit Salad

Romaine lettuce, Caña de Cabra (goat's milk cheese), Galician chestnuts, and sun dried fruits. S...


Flauta: Chestnuts cream, salchichon sausage, cream goat cheese and Piquillo peppers

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