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If you are interested in wine to share take a look on Botas ZZZ from Pamplona. They are famous all over Spain and traditionally used to store wine. They are ideal to take on long trips or picnics. Our glass porrones are also fun to use at parties or family gatherings.
We import Terracota Earthenware (Fansa Cazuelas, plates) from Valencia, Spain. We can't believe how popular they have become in the restaurant scene. These are all approved and safe to cook and serve food in them.
We carry traditional pans to cook paellas or rice and pasta dishes as is done in Valencia or Cataluña. We offer a wide range of pan sizes (2 portion up to 80 portion pan), burners and tripods. Most of our "paelleras" are iron pans and therefore require a bit more care when storing to keep them from rusting. You can use them on the stove top or in the oven. Our stainless steel pans have gold washed handles and do not require as much care as the iron pans, but you will notice a price difference. We must admit they don't conduct heat as well as the iron pans but they are very elegant and pretty and do not require special maintenance.
If you’ve been to the North of Spain you most likely drank sidra or wine out of cider wine glasses. In Asturias they pour natural cider directly on to the border of the thin rim of the glass to create a natural fizz “escanciar sidra”. The small size glass is often found in bars all around the Basque Country. Basque Cider, red wine, or Txakoli wine is served in these. They are made for a small serving and where the term “txikito” originated. These are imported from Spain and all are etched with the Kukuxumusu bull made for Despaña in New York. We carry a wide array of Spanish cookware and gifts, including Serrano ham holders, T-shirts, cookbooks...y mucho mas.

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