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Our specialty meat selections are either manufactured by us at our USDA inspected plant, imported from Spain, or produced by some of our industry colleagues at USDA inspected establishments. Please remember that meat products are heavily regulated by the US Department of  Agriculture, therefore many of the items you will find in Spain are not allowed to be imported (and yes, definitely not allowed to be brought in your luggage - not even canned or vacuum sealed). We offer a wide variety of Cold Cuts (Embutidos) such as Salchichón, Butifarra, Fuet, Sobrasada, Chistorra, Lomo Embuchado and Chorizo Palacios

Since 1971, Despaña Brand Chorizos & Morcilla have been proudly manufactured in the U.S. Our USDA inspected fully cooked chorizos are made with high quality pork meat and imported spices. Pimentón de la Vera is the most important ingredient in our recipe which gives the chorizo its delectable naturally smoky flavor and aroma as well as its bright red color. Our chorizos are available at fine gourmet retailers near you as well as at all of our retail locations. Our varieties are Chorizo Tradicional, Chorizo de Cantimpalo, Mini Chorizo, Chorizo Picante and Chistorra.

Our morcilla (black pudding & onion sausage) is the undiscovered gem among the products we manufacture. It is a huge hit every time we offer it at tastings. Try it fried in a bit of olive oil or on the grill. It tastes great in stews as well (think fabada, you can find our very own recipe here).

Chorizo & Specialty Meats in Despaña Tapas Café

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Bocadillo: "Chistorra" Despaña brand (thin slightly spicy sausage), slices of roncal (...


Pintxo: Dry cured chorizo and Manchego cheese

Morcilla & Tomate Sauce

Tapa: Black sausage cooked in rich tomato sauce


Pintxo: Chistorra sausage, Roncal cheese and Piquillo pepper strips

Chorizo in Cider

Tapa: Despaña chorizo cooked in apple cider

Tortilla Despaña

Spanish omelette made of eggs, potatoes, onions, chorizo and green pepper (whole unit...


Flauta: Chestnuts cream, salchichon sausage, cream goat cheese and Piquillo peppers


Pintxo: Morcilla sausage, Piquillo pepper strips and ali oli


Bocadillo: Slices of serrano ham, chorizo and arzua ulloa (cow's milk) cheese (warm pre...


Bocadillo: Choose from serrano ham, chorizo or lomo embuchado (dry cured pork loin) ser...

Tortilla Despaña

Tapa: Spanish omelette made of eggs, potatoes, onions, peppers and chorizo (portion)


Flauta: Thin spicy chistorra sausage and Tetilla cow's milk cheese

Chorizo Con Castañas

Tapa: Despaña Chorizo with chestnuts

Ei Quijote

Bocadillo: Slices of "lomo embuchado" (dry cured pork loin), manchego (sheep's milk) ch...


Bocadillo: "Sobrasada" (chorizo spread) drizzled with honey from El Bierzo (warm pressed)

Tortilla Bocadillo

Bocadillo: Choose one of our homemade potato omelettes (Zucchini, Tradicional, Despaña...


Pintxo: Dry cured pork loin, Manchego cheese, a light spread of sweet quince cream and ...

Campera Salad

Romaine lettuce, Serrano ham, Cantimpalo chorizo, cheese, onions and grape tomatoes. Se...

Patatas Riojanas

Tapa: Potatoes with chorizo and smoked Pimenton De La Vera


Bocadillo: "Chorizo picante" Despaña brand, long slice of mahon (cow's milk) cheese, p...


Tapa: Bread crumbs with dices of chorizo, Serrano ham and garlic

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