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Despaña is a gourmet boutique dedicated to authentic flavors from Spain. Despaña specializes in offering you quality gourmet food products imported exclusively from Spain. 

Our shelves are stocked with olive oils, vinegars, vegetables, fruit preserves and almond sweets. At our cheese counter you can taste and select from a variety of 50 or more specialty cheeses and at our dry cured meats section you can order hand sliced Iberico ham, Serrano ham, and taste among other pantry items and meats, our famous Despaña Brand cooking chorizos and morcillas.

The Finest Specialty Foods from Spain

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Spanish Hams 

We directly import and distribute top quality brands of dry cured Iberico and Serrano hams from Spain. From jamon to paletas, to reserva and special editions of these unique specialties- you can enjoy them all at our stores or in our cafe.


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Over 50 varieties of Cheese

We choose to bring in only cheese with denomination of origin seals or those of exceptional artisan quality that are most definitely worth trying and offering in our portfolio.


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Chorizo & Specialty Meats

Chorizo is close to our heart and definitely gives life to our list of offerings. We offer many types, from cooking chorizo, to dry cured varieties specific to particular regions in Spain, and even luxurious chorizos from iberico.


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Seafood Preserves

Our octopus, angulas, mojama, bacalao, boquerones and special reserva anchovies from the Cantabrian sea are fantastic representations of the wealth of flavors available from Spain.


Rice & Legumes

Our short grain bomba rices and dry beans are all cultivated in specific terroirs of Spain following ancestral traditions that mark a difference in texture and quality of taste in dishes.


Vegetable Preserves

Piquillo peppers, white asparagus, artichokes and many more preserved vegetables are true gems of spanish cuisine which allow us to be creative with natural colors and bold flavors.


...and much more

Product Catalog

We have an extensive list of over 500 references of products that we import directly from Spain. Take a look and contact us anytime.

Private Events

We offer special in store private event space for Despaña food and wine catered options at our Soho shop.

Our spanish brands


Don Bocarte

Fermín Ibérico

Bacalao Giraldo

Conservas Dantza

Pimienton de la Vera

Chocolates Valor

Olives & Spreads

Spanish olives are plump and firm in texture with a mild pleasant flavor. All of our olives are in brine and packed in jars or cans.


Preserves & Honey

Fruit preserves, jams and honeys are our bounty of flavors and natural sweetness that are a must as an accompaniment at breakfast or on a cheese board.



To fully understand the wonderful richness of the mingling of cultures and traditions that are the foundations to Spanish cuisine; Nothing is better than to learn about our condiments. 

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