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What are your store hours and nearest subway stop for Queens and Soho Shops?
In Soho we are open 7 days a week for your convenience. Subway line 6 to Spring Street station. In Queens we are closed on Sunday and on special federal holidays. Subway line 7 to 82nd Street or 90th Street station.
Despaña Queens: Mon-Fri 9:30am-6pm, Sat 9am-4pm
Despaña Soho Tapas Café: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm
Despaña Vinos y Mas: Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm, Sat 11pm-9pm  Sun 12pm-7pm
Do all of your stores stock the same items and offer the same services?
Our original small shop in Queens stocks all of our products sold mainly to our wholesale accounts in bulk quantity prices. All of our items in Queens are prepackaged and we do not offer prepared foods or cut or slice to order on site. Our food shop in Soho is exclusively dedicated to retail consumers. It is where we also operate an in store café (not a restaurant) where you can enjoy simply prepared delicious pinchos, tapas and sandwiches on the go. Here you can purchase our house made bocadillos, croquettas, imported beers and next door at Vinos y Mas over 450 selections of wines and spirits from Spain. We hand carve our iberico hams, specialty meats, and cheeses as well as consistently have in store tasting events for you to enjoy.
Do you ship your products nationwide?
Yes, we ship our food products via UPS services. Since our focus is not on web on-line sales, we do request that you call us toll free (1.888.779.8617) to inquire about shipping costs and to place your order for our specialties. Note: Some highly perishable items we do not ship during the hot summer temperatures.
How long can I keep your manufactured Despaña chorizos & morcilla products?
Our USDA manufactured items are fully cooked products. They have a best use by or freeze by date of 45 days. We use natural casings on our products and this makes them a little more delicate once the vacuum seal is broken. Once you open a package we suggest you enjoy them within 2 weeks.
I have kept your chorizos refrigerated and sealed, but there is a white milky-like substance when I open the package. Is this bad?
This means the natural casing on the chorizo has started to break down with the moisture in refrigerated storage. This whitish liquid has a lactic sour aroma and taste produced by the natural casing. You can remove this moisture by washing the link with tap water before you use it to cook.
Can I book a private event in your Despaña Soho Store?
Yes, we have many Despaña fans who love our space in Soho and request this special service. You will need to speak to our events manager to discuss specific details by calling 212.219.5050. All evening events to be held within our store begin anytime after 8pm and can accommodate a maximum of up to 60 guests (standing room only).

Yelp Reviews

Make sure to try the small tapas, the sample of cheeses and take home a loaf of bread for making sandwiches for a picnic at the park. You won't regret it.

Heru M. 10/18/2013 Read more

Our best find this year. A low key lovely dining room to wile away the hours nibbling at delicacies of Iberia. With Spanish beers in the cooler and a whole wine store next door, you can complement your croquetas with uncommon cervezas and vinos.

Luke C. 12/7/2013 Read more

Despana is an awesome place to grab a quick lunch. The sandwiches and tapas were full of taste and are perfection! As my coworker pointed out...this place was made for Soho (Soho chic!).

Lana T. 3/27/2013 Read more

There were little nibble samples of olive oil, olives, and bread, and staff working both counters were incredibly friendly. We sampled some of their fresh gazpacho, which had a wonderfully creamy texture, and was unique among gazpachos I've had. Highly recommend.

Evan G. 9/17/2012 Read more

Their counter o' pork has some real treats: the morcilla (blood sausage) and lomo embuchado (cured pork loin) are among the best I've had in NYC,...and they slice their Iberico by hand.

Seth G. 1/13/2012 Read more

Truly amazing! Feels & taste like your back in Spain.

Danny A. 1/29/2012 Read more

Everything here is delicious, made properly and is such high quality. I absolutely love that I can pop in here for a snack anytime. Their gazpacho is summer is like other-worldly-seriously awesome.

Jerry B. 1/20/2012 Read more

Their selection of canned and jarred seafood is incomparable in the city - high-quality brands that are above and beyond what you'll find elsewhere, and at very reasonable prices for said quality.

Seth G. 1/13/2012 Read more

Really, really good creamy cheeses, manchego and packaged breadsticks. The chorizo on sample was pretty delicious. They sure are very generous with the samples! Most high quality imported packaged food from Spain you can seem to find here. Haven't tried one of their made sandwiches yet but will!

Alexandra C. 10/6/2013 Read more

I've had the Pescador (good) and Picante (excellent) bocodillos and the navarrico pintxos. So delicious and prices are very fair. There isn't much room to sit and you will most likely end up sharing a part of the table with others but it's worth it!

Lily W. 11/2/2013 Read more

I'm a huge fan of Despana. Last year I ordered 15 ($200) holiday gift baskets from here. Lee was incredibly helpful and recommended great wine, sweets, and cured meats/cheese. The gift baskets were a huge success!

S L. 10/16/2013 Read more

The Despana sandwich is one of the best things ever. When I'm in the city, it’s a non-negotiable.

Dan B. 7/2/2013 Read more

ADORE this place...makes me feel like I'm really back in Spain,...It's perfect for a casual lunch or dinner and all the delicious looking goodies will inspire your next dinner or cocktail party. I would bring a buddy so you can share one of every item in that wonderful tapas display.

Nikki L. 6/8/2011 Read more

In the back is a tapas cafe with some seating and cookbooks sold. Some of the tapas are already prepared and displayed, and range from $5 and up. It looks like a good place to try a wider variety of small dishes. They also sell Spanish flan.

8/13/2013 8/13/2013 Read more

The serrano ham (aged 15 months) melts in your mouth. Cured to perfection and excellent in a bocadillo. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Manchego Joven cheese. Light and mild, just the way I like it. Throw in a handful of Marcona almonds and a glass of Tempranillo and I am in paradiso.

Vivian H. 3/15/2011 Read more

I try something new most every time I go, but my stand out favorite is the El Quijote, a pork and manchengo cheese sandwich with some sort of quince spread that nails the savory/sweet flavor profile.

Maddie O. 6/16/2011 Read more

Great place to grab a quick bite or put together a meal for later at home. One of NYC's newest treasures, there's no other store quite like them.

Seth G. 1/13/2012 Read more


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